Ep13 - the Future - Demolition Progress

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Panorama LG

Even as I type this, work continues on the demolition part of our project. Most of the interior walls you see below are now gone, and the maze of offices that made up the building's second story is reduced to a few solitary studs that barely hint at the former layout.

We've uprooted the old, worn carpet and we are now waiting on estimates from three contractors to make our final decision on flooring materials. In the meantime, the few remaining walls are being taken apart before finishing work begins on all the exposed wiring and surfaces.

Up until these very last few stages of demolition, it was difficult to visualize the full potential of this space. The maze of offices blocked all line of sight and the only thing my mind kept focusing on was the sheer enormity the project ahead.  But now, as these interior walls come down, the retail and organized play areas are starting to take shape, renewing my excitement for the possibilities of this new locale. We're not there yet, but some very nice things are coming your way. Here's a few spoilers more to keep you entertained while you wait: