Ep13 - the Future

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It's a double-whammy episode of It Oozed From the Office with not one but two peeks into the future!!! (Read the word 'future' in dramatic fashion. Try it while waving your hands around. You will find it oddly satisfying, I promise).

In the first part I take you onto another journey into what you are going to experience when you come visit us in our new shop (I'll even give you a sneak peak at the incredible amount of demolition work that is currently underway in that location). Then I join my fearless co-hosts of the Manaverse podcast for another round table in which we attempt to interpret the omens and answer an age old question: will the friendly local game store survive in the world of tomorrow? ('World of tomorrow' should also be read in dramatic fashion: it will add to your experience, trust me).

If you've kept up with previous episodes, you know by now that we plan on adding a cafe' when we move, with a plethora of tasty food and drinks to tantalize your taste buds (Ep. 8). We're also adding space to the play area and the sales floor, which will allow us to hold an even wider variety of events along with facilitating the introduction of new lines for your shopping enjoyment (Ep. 9). We've also taken some time explain the reasons behind our decision to relocate in Ep. 7.  Finally, for those of you who are still wondering where our new location is, you can also find that little tantalizing bit of information in Ep. 9.

So, let's dive right in, shall we? Here is another update on the progress of our new location along with a few more spoilers of things to come!