Ep10 - Back to the Manaverse

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I am happy to announce that 'It Oozed From the Office', my irregular blog of rantings and ravings on the games industry, will now be ... well, 'regular'.

I've been asked to join a panel of fellow game retailers, on the Manaverse Podcast, for a series of bi-weekly round tables in which we address hot topics and trends of our industry. These audio podcast will make their appearance here in addition to the usual video/written episodes I've done in the past. You can now listen to the voice of your favorite FLGS on your commute to work or during your exercise routine!

The intrepid crew includes yours truly and:

  • Thomas Traplin, our host and producer of the Manaverse Podcast.
  • Travis Parry, owner of The Nerd Store in Greeley, Colorado.
  • Wayne Mittlestaedt, owner of Dueling Grounds in Toronto, Canada. You can hear Wayne talk more about what makes his business unique in episode 17 of the Manaverse Podcast.

This episode's topic was the recent GAMA Trade Show, also known as GTS, which happens every year right here in Las Vegas. In addition to being the only trade show for our industry, GTS offers unique networking opportunites for those of us in the business of selling games, and is a mandatory first-stop for anyone contemplating opening their own store. In this episode, we shine a light on what makes GTS so important and take a few short diversions into future topics for the show. 

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If you have questions about the industry that you would like answered, you can ask them by sending an owl through our shop's contact page or you can friend me on Facebook and send me a message there. You can subscribe to Manaverse podcast on iTunes or Android.