Ep9 - X Marks the Spot

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Welcome to part II of my ongoing series of previews of our new home, which is set to open its doors later this year. 
Ever since the announcement of our move went out, the big question on everyone's mind has been: where to? Well, we're ready to show you! Click on the video below to find the spot and scroll down for more spoliers on the new location.


I know that a lot of you are happy with our choice: one of greatest concerns voiced in your feedback was that we would be moving far away from our current location. To be honest, we also shared that concern. While it is true that many of you travel great distances to see us, it is also true that a lot of our fans live nearby or find our location easy to reach.  Our current spot is in a nice area of town, has decent parking, is easy to reach and features good visibilty so, finding a large space close by was a stroke of luck and an opportunity we simply could not pass.

That being said, I am also aware that many of you will be disappointed to learn that we are not moving closer to your home, which is why we are not ruling out the possibility of a second location. A few things need to line up and we will need to settle down with our new spot before we can make that move but, at this point, anything is possible and prospects look good: we'll just have to beg for a little more patience on your part.


If you've read the first part of our spoilers, you know that one of the driving forces for moving to a larger location was the necessity of adding more product lines to our inventory. Here's a few more samples of what you can expect to see there:

Chit Counter GamesAirbrushes: I already discussed the addition of more paint lines and modeling tools but I forgot to mention an important instrument that is quickly becoming a must-have for most hobbyists. While once reserved for elite miniature painters, airbrushes are being demystified thanks to the proliferation of video guides and instructional blogs. Demand for airbrushes and their accessories is increasing, and we plan on meeting those demands with a couple of ranges that will help you explore this great way to add that extra touch to your already great painting skills.

Hex n Chit Games: My introduction to gaming came at the tender age of eight, when I purchased my first copy of Avalon Hill's Starship Troopers. It was a prime example of a style of game that was very much in vogue during the 70's and, while less popular today, is still very much in demand with nostalgic gamers and those who prefer deeper game play and more complex rules.  While still being produced by a handful of companies, the smaller demand for these types of games means that they are often underrepresented in most game stores. We're hoping to change that by providing a good starting selection and letting it grow based on your requests.


Try it before you buy it! It was the credo that launched our Game Rental program five years ago and one that we still stand by today.

While they provide exceptional value over time, games can backfire as an investment if they fail to meet your expectations. We really love to spend as much time as we can showing you the latest and greatest titles, but we simply don't have the manpower to accomodate all your demo requests. Our rental program gives you the power to bring a game home (or play it in our shop) and take if for a test drive, allowing you to make an informed decision before investing your hard earned money.

Trouble is, the current proliferation of titles is quickly evaporating our library space. The new location will allow us to expand the existing selection of games while expanding the program to incorporate role-playing adventures and accessories. You will also have more more options to choose from, such as unlimited daily rentals and monthly passes.

So what do you think? Did we find a good spot? Do you have an idea for store number two should go? Stop by the shop to let us know, or speak up on our social media channels: we're always curious to hear your thoughts.

Here's what a few of your fellow players had to say when we asked those questions months ago:

Hey John, first of all congrats! Depending on the location of either a 2nd store or uprooting and relocating all determines on how good the location is. It seems like you staying at your current location and expanding might be the best option unless you can get a really good deal on a new location. You have a big following at your current location and even for the customers that complain and wish you were closer, they are still willing to drive out and go to your current one.

My second option would be to uproot and relocate depending on where the "New Location" would be and if the price is right. I'm sure your customers would follow but some people may not like change since they could end up having to drive further away to get to your store.

Best of luck to you and your staff!

Josh B.
Josh B.

Moving would allow a path that would not only meet current needs but would let you plan for future growth with the new location picked to meet that future growth/needs. You would not be confined or forced to work around the current buildings physical challenges.
Pete B.
Pete B.

While opening a 2nd store comes with its own additional risks I think its worth the leap. You are able to expand your customer base without alienating you current players. And hopefully you will move closer to me!
Mike S.
Mike S.

As you say, you're in a pretty good location now (which will be better when all the road work is finished!) You skip the hassle/expense of educating your customer base of the move, and at the same time can get everyone excited about the new space.

The big worry is the gaming space. A lot of game stores have their gaming "in the back" and it always feels like the private room nobody is supposed to go to. Having your tables front and center is much more inviting, especially for newcomers. If you do stay, please try very hard to find a way to keep the tables out in the open.

Sean F.
Sean F.