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In case you haven't heard already, our store will be moving into a larger location sometime this year.
While we're not quite ready to reveal the exact longitude and latitude of our new digs (soon, promise: SOON!), the time has come to unveil some of the services and offerings this move will bring.


Family Game Night

If you've visited our store during the past year, you probably noticed how packed things are. While we love to hear your 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' over our current selection, we know that we can do better and offer you much more. Our current store size limits our ability to bring in lines you're requesting, along with denying us the opportunity to experiment with a possible additions of our own. Short of cutting down on play space (which we are not considering), the only other option was to add floor space.

The move to our new location gives us the opportunity to spread out in many ways. First and foremost in the area of the product selectcion. Here's a quick glance at just of couple of the new lines you can expect to see in the new store:

Modeling supplies: We currently carry one of the largest selection of paints and miniature modeling supplies in Las Vegas. Your response to our introduction of the Vallejo Model Color, Reaper Master Series, Citadel Color, Formula P3, Secret Weapon Washes and Pigments lines has been overwhelwing positive. Now we're going to bring you the full line of Vallejo and Citadel Air colors, the Vallejo Game Colors along with the entire range Army Painter and Privateer Press tools. These new additions, along with a few new sidelines, that will ensure that 99% of your modeling needs will be fulfilled with single stop to our shop.

Family and Young Player Titles: The successful introduction of the HABA range, the number of parents attending our HomeSchool Game Days and the general increase in bright young minds attending our events points to an increase in families sharing our hobby together. While we don't intend on abandoning our more 'complex' roots, we do plan on expanding our selection of family-friendly games in order to help introduce the next generation of players to our wonderful hobby.


Yes, we are 100% dedicated to the concept of unplugged gaming and the human interactions it fosters. However, it should be noted that life without the Internet well, sucks. Whether you're looking up erratas during a game session or you want to stay productive while chaperoning your kids to our Pokemon league, we understand your need to stay connected.

Unfortunately, up until now, security concerns prevented us from offering Wi-Fi services to our guests. Heavy encryption and a divided guest/private network is fine and all but, we are still uncomfortable sharing an internet connection that handles our customer's credit card information. However, thanks to the architecture of the new building, we will be able to provide a totally separate Internet pipeline and network for guest services, ensuring not only security for our customers, but additional bandwidth for our guests as well.


Expanded Food Services

Food, glorious food!

There's usually only one thing that can tear me away from a good game session, and that's the grumblings of an empty stomach. Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy a heaping bowl of gelato on a hot summer day? Wouldn't it be better if you were sharing it with close friends, in the comfort of a climate controlled room while playing a great board game? Or how about sipping a shot or two of espresso to help get through round four of a midnight pre-release? (Lavazza or Illy, so long as it's Italian, I'm not discriminating).

With two chefs in my immediate family, you could say that food runs in my veins just as much as games do. Expanding the shop's selection of food is something I've dreamed about for a long time and now it's finally coming true: Buon Appetito!

We have plenty more surprises in store for you so stop by the shop for a chat, or chime in to our social media channels: we'd love to hear what you think about our future together!

Until then, stay tuned for upcoming spoilers and enjoy a few more responses from our customers below:

Since you already have the shop up and running, and it being a legend in it's own right with a decent landlord, it makes since to stay in your current space. You know what you are up against, and know the various quirks about the space, so you are rooted. Your base set of Customers, who already know you and love you, know where to find you and won't have their cheese moved too much. Plus, since your store #1 is already up and running, you won't have a period of profit loss having to close down and open elsewhere. It would seem the most beneficial to keep store #1 open, and there is still the prospect (minor as it may be) that the space upstairs could open up, potentially giving you more space to utilize in the future.

Opening a second location, store #2, gives you more room, potentially more Customers, and new space with which to work. You know the problems you faced with store #1, so you can already anticipate potential issues to minimize delay in opening store #2. Being a sound business person and avid gamer, I believe you have a general idea of where your current clientele and staff hail from, so opening a store near to a large population of Customers who already know and love you can only be positive. Plus, a new venue can attract new Customers, even with little effort in advertising. Having a second store would potentially attract more groups to come in for gaming, and give you the opportunity to spread out hosting responsibilities and types of gaming options.

Whatever the decision, I highly doubt that you plan to just keep going as you are currently set up. You need more space to fill the demand.

Cassie W.
Cassie W.

OK totally a selfish choice: Vegas is full of game stores (your my fav) but Pahrump could use a nice game store. You won't need as big a store in a smaller place, so you could have another one there. It is close enough to be able to run both, and far enough away to not compete with self.
Kara N.
Kara N.

Game stores are volatile, even the best can seem to drop off the map at the slightest mistake. I've seen too many local game shops close down in my hometown, so if you've got a solid deal to expand, I'd say take that. Operating costs would remain more or less the same, and you'd get so much more floorspace for wargaming, Magic tournaments, etc. Locational familiarity is a great thing to keep for your customers, even the ones that are far away will still come to you if you're the best... So expand now, then build a second location seven years from now. :)

Congratulations on your success with your game store - you're living the dream! I'm new to the area, I'll have to come check you out soon.

Dasan H.
Dasan H.

moar products moar gaming space moar everything!
Lonnie C.
Lonnie C.