Ep3 - Probed by the Manaverse

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Welcome back to It Oozed From the Office, my semi-regular collection of ramblings and ravings on the gaming industry.

After a long hiatus, I've decided to resume the project as a written blog. This format seems to fit the subjects presented while being manageable in the amount of free time I have available. Moving forward, as I experiment with possibilities, you can expect to see a combination of different mediums, including live hangouts and podcasts. As always, you comments and suggestions on what works and what doesn't are greatly appreciated.

Today I won't be writing as much as talking, thanks to the efforts of Tom Traplin and his Manaverse Podcast. I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Tom for the 15th episode of his podcast, which is aimed at helping game store owners build their business while growing the gaming community.

During the interview we talk about:

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You can find Tom's podcast on his website and subscribe to it on iTunes or on Android.