Preorders, Reservations and Special Orders

Our Wizards pride themselves in the simplicty of our award winning preorder program: just let us know what you want, and we'll let you know when it gets here. No need to check-in, pre-pay, or stress: we'll contact you via text, email, phone or Facebook Messenger (your preference) once your item arrives.


Sometimes, demand for an item far exceeds supply. This usually happens when an item is produced in limited quantities, is conditionally granted by a supplier, surges in popularity, or when a publisher significantly underestimates demand. In these cases, items will be allocated in the following proportion:

  • Reservations: 60% of received quantities, allocated based on the following priority list:
    1. Existing and active customers.
    2. New customers.
    3. Date of request.
    4. Existing but lapsed customers.
  • XP Loyalty Rewards Program: 20% of received quantities reserved under the loyalty program. Customers that have not been awarded an allocation can pick up the item free of charge by redeeming their XPs.
  • Raffle: 10% of received quantities allocated by random drawing among customers on the reservation list.
  • Online Sales: 10% of received quantities reserved for online customers.

Customers that are awarded an allocation will be notified via text, phone, email or Facebook Messenger based on the customer's stated preference. The allocation process begins once the items have been physically received in our shop, and all discrepancies and any damages are accounted for.