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Who are the Dragonriders of the Little Shop of Magic?

Ever since Dungeons & Dragons created a new way to play together, shops like ours have been inundated with questions like these:

  • “Do you guys play tabletop RPGs there?”
  • “Is there a campaign with an open seat I can join?”
  • “Our group doesn’t have a place to play: can you host us there?”

It’s an age-old problem and one that is not easily solved on your own. You want to play, but you don’t know where to start. You have a great idea for a campaign that you’ve spent months fleshing out, but your existing friends don’t have any free time to play. Or maybe you’re just looking for someone to try something different from your go-to games.

The Dragonrider program was created to help players and Game Masters meet, while offering them a consistent place to play the games they want to play! Dragonriders act as shop ambassadors, helping us spread the word of our hobby and fostering our vibrant community of tabletop gamers by welcoming them to our safe and inclusive space for playing games.

What are the perks of becoming a Little Shop of Magic Dragonrider?

Glad you asked! Here’s what you get to look forward once you join the program:

  1. “Players Wanted” Signal Boost – Upon Game Master request, our Wizards will post available spots in game sessions on our Facebook business page and our website’s calendar of events.
  2. Table Space Reservation – Game Masters hosting events in our shop will have a table reserved for their party on the day of the event. (Subject to availability.)
  3. Complimentary Admission – Game Masters hosting games in our shop will be offered a complimentary day pass to our play area on the day of their event.
  4. Dragon Bit Incentives – At the Game Master’s discretion, players may be charged a Game Master support fee, which will be converted to Dragon Bits to assist the Game Master in purchasing materials that enhance the player’s enjoyment of the event.

How do I become a Dragonrider?Dragonriders thumb

Game Masters can apply to the program by filling out a simple form with basic event information such as:

  • Date and time of the event.
  • If the event repeats and, if so, how often?
  • Whether you have seats to fill.
  • If you would like to charge a Game Master support fee.

How do I play in a Dragonrider run game?

Players can secure a spot in games with available seats by registering for their event of choice on our website’s calendar of events.

What does it cost?

Daily admission fee to our play area is $10 per player, which covers participation in the Dragonrider’s event. Admission fees can be waived by expending 2 XPs from our loyalty rewards program per player. XPs are earned at the rate of 1 XP for every $10 in regularly priced merchandise purchased in our shop.

At their discretion, Game Masters may also impose a support fee for each session which directly supports the Game Master’s efforts by providing them with Dragon Bits that they can spend in our shop. Should a Game Master request a support fee, it will be indicated in the event’s details on our website’s calendar of events.

Player event registration can be done online, over the phone, or by speaking to one of our Wizards the next time you visit our shop. Due to system limitations, XPs cannot be redeemed through our website: please call or visit us if you wish to use them in lieu of paying for a daily admission fee.

What are Dragon Bits?

Dragon Bits are an alternate form of gift cards here in our shop. They are also a great way for players to show support for their Game Master and our shop.

Dragon Bits are worth their set purchase value when redeeming them to cover purchases in our shop. Players purchase Dragon Bits at one of our registers, then offer them to their Game Master at the start of any session. The Game Master can then use these Dragon Bits to cover the cost of materials needed to run their games.

Some Game Masters may opt to require a support fee per session, while others may not. Even if a Game Master does impose such a fee, players should feel free to award Dragon Bits as a sign of appreciation for their hard work. The exchange of Dragon Bits remains between the Game Master and their players: it is not enforced by the Little Shop of Magic.

Sounds great! Where’s the application form?

You can find the Dragonrider application form here. Depending on our Wizarding team's workload, approval time may vary. Please make sure to fill out your contact information correctly when you apply, so that we can reach back out to you when we reach your spot in the line.

Your application gives our Wizards the necessary information to promote your game, along with allowing us to check your preferred date to confirm availability. Paper copies of the online application are available in shop for those applicants lacking the ability to complete it online. Please be advised that paper applications may take longer to process.

As a Dragonrider, what are my responsibilities?

To maintain a good standing within the program, Dragonriders must abide by these responsibilities:

  • Dragonriders are responsible for cultivating a positive gaming atmosphere among their players, as well as correcting toxic behavior. This includes ensuring that everyone abides by the shop’s Code of Conduct.
  • Dragonriders must check-in with our Wizards prior to seating themselves in our play area. Dragonriders are also responsible for ensuring that all their players check-in and obtain a daily access pass before commencing their session.
  • If a Dragonrider is unable to run a session for any reason they must inform our Wizards as soon as possible. Dragonriders are responsible for informing their players of cancellations and schedule changes.
  • If rescheduling of a Dragonrider’s session becomes necessary, a request must be made to our Wizards. Table reservations for rescheduled sessions are not guaranteed until approved by our Wizards.
  • Our shop operates as a family-friendly shopping environment, play space (the Commons) and private rooms, all of which are open to all ages. In addition to being mindful of the comfort levels and behavior of players at their table, Dragonriders should be considerate of others in the shop as well.

Regulation of Program and Corrective Action

On the rare occasion in which a problem arises with a player or a Dragonrider, the following notices describe how our Wizards will proceed to protect our employees and customers:

  1. Failure to comply with shop and program policies will cause the revocation of privileges provided by this program.
  2. If the table is unable to meet consistently (due to cancellations, lack of players, or otherwise), our Wizards reserve the right to discontinue the table’s reservation at our discretion.
  3. Our Wizards are the final arbiter of all decisions regarding participation in this program and corrective action when it becomes necessary. We will take all grievances brought to our attention seriously, to ensure a safe, inclusive space for our customers and community members.
  4. If a player engages in behavior which is toxic and/or violates our Code of Conduct or other shop policies, and is not responsive to correction, they may be subject to suspension or a ban from our premises.
  5. In accordance with store policies concerning organizers/volunteers and employees, Dragonrider applicants must agree to a background check of any criminal history.